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Red Cap Sunday & Thursday Extended Tour and Cholita Wrestling

Sunday & Thursday Extended Tour and Cholita Wrestling

This deluxe extended tour not only takes you to the giant black market in El Alto, where you can get your hands on everything from Donkey´s milk to vehicles, but it also includes entrance into the off the wall Cholita´s Wrestling.  That´s right, traditional Aymaran women enter the ring against one another and male wrestlers.  With high flying acrobatics and bone crushing hits, this is certainly something you can´t find elsewhere!  We also give you the chance to take the teleferico (cable car), meet a local shaman and take some stunning photos of the city from the great view points in El Alto.

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Red Cap Extended La Paz Adventure and Cable Car Tour!

Extended La Paz Adventure and Cable Car Tour!

Get off the beaten path with Red Cap every day at 2 pm on our extended adventure tours!  In which our fantastic guides take you to some of La Paz's most interesting and off the wall places, like the cemetery, the giant witches market in El Alto (get your fortune read!), up the amazing teleferico and to a fantastic view point, finishing back in town!  This is the city few see, so don't miss out. We meet daily in Mirasol Restaurant (Calle Murillo) for this amazing tour! Note:  Thursday’s and Sunday’s tours also include the massive flea market, and we can take you to the infamous Cholita’s Wrestling for a small adittional cost!

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Red Cap Private La Paz City Tour! - Half Day

Private La Paz City Tour! - Half Day

Explore one of the wonder cities of the world with a private local guide!  La Paz is one of the world’s most unique cities and is full of many hidden gems that you simply won’t find nor understand without the help of a local guide.  Our amazing Red Cap guides will take you on  an adventure through La Paz’s bustling streets, colorful markets  and fascinating historical spots on what many travelers have rated the best walking tour in South America! We meet you at your hotel at 9am or 3pm to begin our exploration.  From there we explore such diverse and incredible places as San Pedro Prison, Rodriguez Market, the Witches Market, San Francisco Church, Lanza Market, Murillo Square and Calle Jaen.  To keep the energy up we invite you to an amazing local snack, where the most famous shop will not just serve us, but explain how these delicacies are made!  After all we have seen and enjoyed you’ll have a hard time believing it was only 4 hours!  If you want more check out our Full Day Private City Tour where we will explore the amazing city of El Alto as well! Also if you prefer another time send us an email and we should be able to make it work! NOTE: All reservations must be made 1 day in advance, if you want to reserve the same day, PLEASE CALL US.

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Red Cap Foodie Tour!

Foodie Tour!

mmmm mmmm Bolivian! Bolivia is not known for its culinary delicacies, but we’re out to change that! You can never truly know a place without eating from its’ table! Here, where you’ll find no McDonald’s, the food is where the family meets, where the day’s madness comes to a halt and life’s simple pleasures are appreciated. Warm, hearty cuisine from a warm and hearty people. This evening tour will leave your stomach, mind and soul full! Featuring the best of Bolivian cuisine and the stories behind the plates that tell you more about the people from whom they originated than the ingredients which make them up. Tour is done by reservation (please, at least 1 day in advance if you would like to book the same day please call us or whatsapp. Specify any special food requirements). The tour starts at 6pm featuring tastes of the best local restaurants (which we’ve inspected for cleanliness and proper food handling) and passing by La Paz’s many unique markets, historical monuments, and sites. Finishing for a drink and jolly food induced banter at one of La Paz’s most interesting bars/cafes. Bring your appetite, comfy shoes, adjustable trousers, and money for extra drinks, tips and the taxi home!  Reserve now or send us an email!  

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Red Cap Cholita Wrestling

Cholita Wrestling

The only place in the world where you can see Lucha Libre (or WWF) style wrestling where women dressed in traditional garb put on quite the show for locals and travelers alike!  This interesting spectacle, where high flying acrobatics meets showmanship with real force,  is on every Thursday and Sunday afternoon. It includes transport to and from the city center, a bilingual guide, VIP seating and entrance into the 2 hour show.  Don’t miss your chance to see the authentic Cholita Wrestling! Do note this option does not include the extended cable car tour, which we reccommend beforehand.  To book Cholita Wrestling with the extended cable car tour please click here. IMPORTANT: When booking you must choose a pickup point.  Based on the pickup point chosen we will advise the team from Cholita Wrestling. The cholita wrestling guide will have a cholita wrestling tshirt and the cholita wrestling buses also have their logo. Also the stadium where they put on the show can be cold, so please be prepared and bring a jacket. NOTE: This tour is not operated by Red Cap, though we sell it as the best price and help coordinate pickup.

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Red Cap Private Full Day La Paz Adventure!

Private Full Day La Paz Adventure!

If you've only got one day and want to fit everything in, this is your best choice!  City Center, El Alto, Cable Cars, Foodie and more all in one very full and fascinating day with a private Red Cap guide.  We usually start at 9 am in the morning from your hotel (if your hotel is not in the city center we set a meeting point).  After visiting the most important and interesting points in the city center (like Rodriguez Market, Murillo Square, San Francisco Church, San Pedro prison, Calle Jaen and more) we try several local dishes and drinks at the market and a restaurant. Refueled we start our journey to El Alto via the amazing cable cars, the best views and best way to get around.  At the top we will visit an incredible viewpoint with the city spreading out in the valley below. We visit several spots in El Alto including the working witches' market where if you choose you can get your fortune read by a local Shaman. We drop you off at the end of the tour in the meeting point or hotel.  If you prefer another time send us an email and we should be able to make it work!  NOTE: You must advise us your hotel.  If it is not in the city center we will set up a meeting point in the city center.  All reservations must be made 1 day in advance, if you want to reserve the same day, PLEASE CALL US.

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Red Cap Red Cap Walking City Center Tour - La Paz

Red Cap Walking City Center Tour - La Paz

Book online now or pay your guide directly at plaza San Pedro at 11am or 2pm. La Paz is a city unlike any other on earth.  Its’ staggering height (3,600m/11,800ft) is only surpassed by its’ incredible beauty.  Sprawling over a gorgeous valley and surrounded by massive mountains, ones’ first sight of La Paz is unforgettable, but its lasting mark on those who visit, is the life it holds within the valley walls. Our city walking tour will bring this complex, busy, and incredibly interesting city to life!  The people, history, and customs that make up La Paz are truly fascinating and give an insight into the life that makes up one of the world’s most vibrant cities.  A visit to La Paz is hardly complete without walking her narrow alleys, meeting her people, and getting to know the past that makes her what she now is.   Look for your amazing Red Cap guide at 11am and 2pm daily in the center of Plaza San Pedro. Our guides wear I heart La Paz tshirts, have on Red Caps with our logo, and have guiding credentials.   Book now or show up to the city tour of your choice! Enjoy your tour and remember if you loved it to tip your amazing guides!

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La Paz City Tour - Bolivia