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mmmm mmmm Bolivian!

Bolivia is not known for its culinary delicacies, but we’re out to change that! You can never truly know a place without eating from its’ table! Here, where you’ll find no McDonald’s, the food is where the family meets, where the day’s madness comes to a halt and life’s simple pleasures are appreciated. Warm, hearty cuisine from a warm and hearty people.

This evening tour will leave your stomach, mind and soul full! Featuring the best of Bolivian cuisine and the stories behind the plates that tell you more about the people from whom they originated than the ingredients which make them up.

Tour is done by reservation (please, at least 1 day in advance if you would like to book the same day please call us or whatsapp. Specify any special food requirements). The tour starts at 6pm the meeting point is SAN FRANCISCO CHURCH (Big Doors the Church) featuring tastes of the best local restaurants (which we’ve inspected for cleanliness and proper food handling) and passing by La Paz’s many unique markets, historical monuments, and sites. Finishing for a drink and jolly food induced banter at one of La Paz’s most interesting bars/cafes.

Bring your appetite, comfy shoes, adjustable trousers, and money for extra drinks, tips and the taxi home! 

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From USD 30

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We can do private groups for 2+ people if you have a bus to catch or can't make our normal tour.

We meet at 6pm in SAN FRANCISCO CHURCH, at the doors of the beautiful church.  From there we try fresh local market food and strange fruits.  Then we make our way to several local restaurants that serve amazing dishes you'll be coming back for.  Make your own local drink with local spirits and chat away with your local guide and new friends. 



*Safely try local 6+ local dishes at the places in town that know how to do them best!

*All food is locally grown.

*Make your own local cocktail!

*Vegeterian options are available

*Local food loving guide to share the story behind each dish!



  1. Route: La Paz