Red Cap Walking City Center Tour - La Paz

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Book your La Paz city tour online now or pay your guide directly at PLAZA SAN PEDRO (Plaza Sucre on some maps) at 11am or 2pm every day.

La Paz is a city unlike any other on earth.  Its’ staggering height (3,600m/11,800ft) is only surpassed by its’ incredible beauty.  Sprawling over a gorgeous valley and surrounded by massive mountains, ones’ first sight of La Paz, Bolivia is unforgettable, but its lasting mark on those who visit, is the life it holds within the valley walls.

Our La Paz city walking tour will bring this complex, busy, and incredibly interesting city to life!  The people, history, and customs that make up La Paz are truly fascinating and give an insight into the life that makes up one of the world’s most vibrant cities.  A visit to La Paz is hardly complete without walking her narrow alleys, meeting her people, and getting to know the past that makes her what she now is.  

Look for your amazing Red Cap guide at 11am and 2pm daily in the center of PLAZA SAN PEDRO (Plaza Sucre on some maps). Our guides wear I heart La Paz tshirts, Red Caps with our logo, and have guiding credentials.  

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From USD 3

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-SAN PEDRO PLAZA/Prison  - We meet here EVERYDAY at 11am and 2pm.  Look for the guide with the Red Cap and I Heart La Paz Tshirt in the center of the Plaza!
               The La Paz city tour starts in the center of the plaza. While no longer allowed in the prison, this old military fortress converted into one of the world’s most interesting prisons in the centre of town is certainly worth a visit.

-Rodriguez Market
               The vibrant street market alive in the colours, textures, bartering and Aymaran traditions. Try new and exotic local produce! 

-Witches Market
               Colourful stalls where ancient Aymaran beliefs are still practiced.  Get your fortune read in leafs of coca!

-San Francisco Church / Plaza
               The gorgeous cathedral which symbolizes the city, old and new.

-Plaza Murrillo
               The centre of the city, Bolivian politics and all the dramatic history therein.

- Local Restaurant

Finish up your La Paz city tour trying a local drink and get help booking anything you would like to do in Bolivia!


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  1. 11AM/2PM - Meet EVERYDAY in Plaza San Pedro