Private La Paz City Tour! - Half Day

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Explore one of the wonder cities of the world with a private local guide!  La Paz, Bolivia is one of the world’s most unique cities and is full of many hidden gems that you simply won’t find nor understand without the help of a local guide.  Our amazing Red Cap guides will take you on an adventure through La Paz’s bustling streets, colorful markets and fascinating historical spots on what many travelers have rated the best walking tour in South America!

We meet you at your hotel at 9am or 3pm to begin our exploration.  From there we explore such diverse and incredible places as San Pedro Prison, Rodriguez Market, the Witches Market, San Francisco Church, Lanza Market, Murillo Square and Calle Jaen.  To keep the energy up we invite you to an amazing local snack, where the most famous shop will not just serve us, but explain how these delicacies are made!  After all we have seen and enjoyed you’ll have a hard time believing it was only 4 hours!  If you want more check out our Full Day Private City Tour where we will explore the amazing city of El Alto as well!

Also if you prefer another time send us an email and we should be able to make it work!

NOTE: All reservations must be made 1 day in advance, if you want to reserve the same day, PLEASE CALL US.

From USD 34.99

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We pick you up from your hotel at 9am or 3pm.  From your hotel we make our way to the city center!  We visit the fascinating San Pedro Plaza and Prison, (We can’t go in, but it is a sight to see from the outside as it takes up a whole city block in the center of town!) then on to one of our favorite places in the city, Rodriguez Market where you will learn about the diverse array of ingredients and the local traditions and culture on display here like in no other place in the city center.  A few more blocks and we are at the Witches Market.  This active market is not on display for tourists, but rather a working traditional medicinal and spiritual market where we will explain the intriguing Andean cosmovision. 

Then onto San Francisco church where literally etched into the walls of this beautiful church you can see and touch the palpable changes Catholicism brought and integrated into the Andean vision of the world and our place in it – truly captivating! Not done yet, we head to another local market, one of our favorite places for a meal or a snack!  Meet a local casera, vendor, who will explain how she makes the delicious snack we are going to try.  Love it!  

With our energy restored we continue on to Plaza Murillo, this historical center is the political Mecca of Bolivia and the powerful changes Bolivia has seen are literally on display as this plaza has been the scene of so many social movements which have left their mark not only on the country but the walls and posts of this lovely plaza. A few more blocks away is the most beautiful and oldest street in La Paz, Calle Jaen.  This street has witnessed the changes of this city and was home to one of Latin America’s first independence leaders, full of color, museums and history this is the perfect place to finish what many have said is the best walking tour in South America!


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Explore one of the 7 Wonder Cities of the world!

Rated the best walking tour in South America

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