Live Online Cholet Tour - Andean Architecture

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The incredible architecture you can only find in El Alto known as cholets is a fascinating look into the culture, history and traditions of the Altiplano. The colorful and exuberant architecture displays vividly the fascinating mixture of ancient Andean traditions, colorful textiles and the ever growing city life of El Alto.

This world renowned architectural movement can only be found here, 4000 masl, where it was born out of the melting pot of ancient and modern, urban and traditions. In this fastest growing city in the region, these exuberant acts of self-expression were born by Bolivia’s long - marginalize indigenous majority.  

Your guide will take you to visit some of the most representative buildings, explaining how their design, colors and themes display the beautiful cultural traditions of the Andean people. Taking you inside your guide will show you the marvel of the architecture which is even more unique from the interior.  

Your guide will show you his town, the people that live in it and share his passion with you on this private 2 hour live streamed tour. Ride in local transport, see the vivid culture alive in the streets and join your guide as he takes you with his camera around town. Ask questions and get to know your local friend who happily helps you discover one of the world’s most intriguing artistic cultural expressions. Book now, private tours are only available once per day.

Desde USD 25

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Our tours are flexible for starting time, but to make the most of it, they should be done during daylight hours in Bolivia.  Your live guide will walk you around to visit these fascinating places and answer your questions/comments as you get to know him/her.  



  • Live Private Local Guide
  • Explore, learn and be entertained from the comfort of your home!
  • Local guide shares his hometown with you
  • Meet locals and travel remotely
  • Visit fascinating Architecture, from inside and out.