Llamazing Llama Expedition!

“The llamas, the farm and tourism are my life” says Doña Eti, one of the llama herders you can meet on this virtual adventure into a country where authenticity, nature and llamas abound. Eti, who normally supplements her income taking tourists on walks with her herd of over 80 llamas is clearly in love with her animals and the beautiful place she calls home. The llama is a deeply important part of Bolivian culture in the Andean highlands and a big reason for the rise of civilization in the Andes thousands of years ago. The Aymaran people of the Altiplano call these amazing creatures, silent brothers as only a brother would work so tirelessly without complaint. This hearty, resilient and gotta say it, super cute, animal has provided ways for people to live in some of the harshest terrain in the world for millenia and recent studies even show that their unique antibodies may help mankind in our fight against the coronavirus.

This is no ordinary visit to a petting zoo. With most international borders closed and restrictions on travel all over the world this virtual adventure provides a respite from the confines of your home.  The stunning destinations where you can visit a Bolivian Llama range from the shade of a volcano on the shores of the world’s largest salt flats in Uyuni to the birthplace of the Inca on a gorgeous lookout on Sun Island in the pristine Lake Titicaca. This remarkable solution to getting your travel and animal fix is also a remarkable way to promote future tourism to Bolivia and provide income to those who rely on tourism for their living during a time when they can’t work.


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Meet live local llamas.
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